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I am idiosyncratic, quirky, and whimsical. I am a lover of people, places, and things. I possess traits of the normal, the abnormal, and the unexplained. I resemble the human form but I don’t feel I need to be restricted by it.

I wrote the above statement several years ago when I wanted to sum up my life experiences in a few words. Basically what it means is that I am a Human Experience Advocate. It is about being an individual. Different. Non-mainstream. Willing to march to the beat of my own drum. But, it also means integrating creativity and innovation in what I do, particularly through the written word. Sometimes I want to fade into the background and achieve a sort of normality in my existence, and other times I want to stand out. I have had some intense spiritual experiences, and I have learned to embrace these. But mostly, there is contentment in the knowledge that being human can mean different things to different people. Sometimes I live within the constraints of reality, but other times I feel like I exist far from those around me – I exist on my own timeline and in my own space – and I can connect with all of these levels of ‘me’ simultaneously.