Don’t Forget Your Towel!

I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I have always known this about myself, and it is not upsetting to me in the least – in fact, I tend to celebrate this aspect of me. With that said, I would be lying if I said the title of my blog was not, at least in part, related to the supercomputer “Deep Thought” from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I think we are all supercomputers in a sense, and the human thought process is a very complex entity. With that said, I also use Deep Thoughts as kind of a verb, too. It is the action that we take when we reflect on the experiences we have had, and the conscious choice to make a change in our lives.

Life is unpredictable and it can create many forks in the road that we choose to take. Branching off from the main road does not have to be a bad thing, however. This tends to happen because of experiences that have happened to us, which can be due to trauma and disappointment in life, but it can also be due to success and contentment with where our lives are going. Opportunities present themselves at least as often as disappointment, and the choice to recognize all experience is inherent in our brain’s programming.

This is often related to risk, and also to safety. Do we feel safer in staying right where we are, or are we comfortable with moving forward, and working toward change? For many people, change can be risky, and fear of the unknown can be absolutely paralyzing, psychologically speaking. For myself, I have not always embraced change, or recognized opportunities even when they walk up and slap me in the face. The decision to work toward private practice as a Counsellor has felt terrifying to me at times, but by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out this concept I have been able to build the confidence in myself to know without a doubt, that I can do this.

In retrospect, I have been a counsellor for most of my life, albeit, unofficially. Officially speaking, I have been a Counsellor since roughly 2017 when I identified an opportunity to work as a domestic violence counsellor working with women in a very small town where they were having difficulty recruiting for the position. It required the willingness to work restricted hours and a lengthy commute, but it jumpstarted my passion and allowed me to gain the experience I needed to qualify me for future jobs, first in family counselling and then addictions and mental health, where I have been for three years. I love what I do and I want to keep doing it, but with more focus.

Recently I took an online workshop based on the transpersonal aspects of counselling, and I realized I had found the missing piece to my puzzle; the piece that would allow me to focus my life as well as to move my career forward into private practice. I have always stayed in a place of safety, working for other people and helping other organizations to move forward because it provided stability and security. My own deep thoughts are taking me to a new realm, however, and the creation of this website and blog are the first steps in allowing me to move out of my comfort zone and build something great. I hope you, my readers, will enjoy the content, and I appreciate your coming on this journey with me as I transform myself through Deep Thoughts – both literally and figuratively!

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