About Me

My name is Jennifer Lagace, and I have been in the business of human connection since before I was born.

As human beings, we are wired for connection before anything else. Before birth, we connect in utero to the person responsible for our physical growth and safety – our maternal ‘host’. Once we enter the world, we connect to primary caregivers and to the environment itself. Later on, we expand this connection in various aspects of our lives including extended family, educators, peers, colleagues, and friends. In short, we are social creatures who depend on connection for our very survival.

As with many other people, my connections with others have not always been strong. I may have come into this world with all the right tools in my toolbox, but sometimes tools go missing for a time, or perhaps the toolbox gets misplaced. Maybe the tools are not the best quality, or they have worn out and need to be replaced. Sometimes even, the tools we have are not appropriate for the task at hand, and new tools need to be acquired to make the job of living as easy as possible.

As a counsellor, this is what I have learned to do. It hasn’t always been easy, and I have lost a few very valuable tools over the years for various reasons. Some of these can be replaced, but others cannot. I have had to learn a lot about myself throughout the years, and in this process I have learned how to help others through their own process. I can’t give them my toolbox, but I can help them develop their own based on self-reflection, examining their experiences, and establishing future goals and aspirations. I can help them take inventory of the tools in their box to determine which tools they have, which ones need to be replaced, and perhaps which ones should be acquired in order to make their own lives as fulfilling as possible.

My personal aspirations include continuing my education and my experiences in counselling to become a Registered Counsellor. This website will be a work in progress. It will be ever-changing and evolving as I move from a more personal deep-thinker to eventually obtaining my qualifications in counselling and opening up a private practice. Please check back often for blog entries, updates, and the potential creation of informational podcasts and videos as my business evolves!

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