Deep Thoughts

On the Wings of Change

Change is something that is hard for a lot of people, and I am definitely no exception. I think it is partly because there is a fear-of-the-future aspect in that, we don’t have a crystal ball, so we really cannot say if the ‘change’ will work out, and this feeling is very uncomfortable. With thatContinue reading “On the Wings of Change”

Living With Mental Illness

Mental illness is not easy for anyone. For the person who is mentally ill, it can be frustrating because their thoughts, feelings, coping strategies, and the way they view life in general may seem normal to them, because it’s all they have ever known. However, for their support system and particularly those who share aContinue reading “Living With Mental Illness”

Anger Can be a Protagonist

In storytelling, both protagonists and antagonists are essential in plot development. The protagonist works toward the story’s goals, while the antagonist functions as an opposing force. In emotion, things can be similar; in any given personal storyline, emotion can work either in support of, or against the goals of the person telling the story. AngerContinue reading “Anger Can be a Protagonist”


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