Failure is an Opinion

Recently I had gotten involved in a group offering a wonderful business opportunity, which later I realized I had taken on too much and I had to back out. In the conversation that ended my involvement I was told, “I see this as failure, because it is quitting.” At the time this bothered me becauseContinue reading “Failure is an Opinion”

Happy is an Emotion

“Happy” is an emotion. I think most of us understand this, but do we really understand what this means? It is actually kind of an obscure concept when you think about it. Happiness may mean I have a career that I am passionate about, or that I am spending my life with a great partner.Continue reading “Happy is an Emotion”

Being Highly Sensitive in a Non-HSP World

I have been a highly sensitive person all of my life, although I have only been consciously aware of this for the last fifteen years or so. I remember as a child being described as “difficult”. As with most children, I had my favorite foods, but I would refuse to eat a lot of specificContinue reading “Being Highly Sensitive in a Non-HSP World”